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Prepare for an Amazing Summer Event

The 2021 Summer Raffles are right around the corner in July and this year has some of the most amazing miniatures we have seen to date. Artists from around the world have been working for months and its time to show off a little of what they have prepared for you this year!

Let's start with The Boom!

Meet Baroness Aurelia, an Imperial Knight by Artist Dan Ozborne:

How can you follow that?

Here are a few other previews of what is coming in from our Artist Consortium from all over the world.

Lumineth of Haixiah (Age of Sigmar) - Dev Sodagar

Mountain Giant (Blood Rage) - Mark Sorastro

Varvuul, Barbarian Warlord (Chaos Warrior) - Ana Polanscak

The Bloodsmiths (Iron Golem Warband) - Harry Holdway

Panoceania Starter Box (Infinity) - Chris Gorka

Commander Coldheart (Tau Commander) - Dan Ozborne

Which ones will you be getting tickets for?

Get ready for more previews, videos, and more. Its going to be an amazing summer!

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