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Punished Games - Yeji Kim - Nezroyin of the Eternal Tides, The Living Whirlpool

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Punished Games joined forces with Yeji to bring not only a chance to win this beautiful dragon bust "Nezroyin of the Eternal Tides, The Living Whirlpool", but a Sneak Peek as well: This beautiful model is from an upcoming project entitled, "Trio of Dragons in Gothic Resurrection."  You could be the first to own your own dragon!

"If you want to win this dragon bust be sure to buy raffle tickets. We can't thank NOVA enough for giving us the opportunity to donate one of our pieces and can't thank Snickernack Studios enough for choosing us as their supplier. Please share, like and react to this and help us get the word out there to more people! Stay safe!"

--Punished Games

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