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Three Is a Magic Number

The NOCF is comprised of a hard working Board of Directors, several passionate painters, and a generous gaming community. The time and effort involved in bringing these models to life is a tremendous undertaking for any artist or studio and we are proud to say that their efforts have paid off by raising big bucks for three great charity organizations these past few years through our raffles. Be sure and check out their social media sites. Among the photographs of expertly rendered miniature you'll likely come across classes being offered, blogs and videos full of tips and tricks, and some amazing commission studios.

We've put together a simple slideshow for your viewing pleasure. A Special thank you to John Stiening, CK Studios, and Clay Williams of M3 Paints. Each has made a difference in this world through these beautiful behemoth miniatures.

Don't miss your chance to win Hospitaller Absque Terminis! We launch on October 15th.

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