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The hammer blow fell hard against a well-placed shield, but the Liberator was not deterred. He’d lost track of time, but he knew that it was more than a century since he was chosen by Sigmar. Plucked from the hands of Nagash – God of Death – and reforged by “The Thunderer” to be part of his Stormcast army, the Liberator has waited patiently for his chance to fight. He yearned to serve his God in a true battle with the forces of Chaos, but he never disregarded the necessity of training. And so it was that he defeated his opponent – his comrade – and stood victorious on the training field.


Discussing their bout as they cleaned their armor, shields, and hammers, the Liberator thought that it was time to re-bind the leather on his hammer’s hilt and so he began to unwrap it. All of these items were crafted from the finest Sigmarite, a magical iron mined at great cost from Mallus, the Broken World. The Liberator sometimes felt as though he’d known that world. He felt an inexplicable connection to it, though he had no clear memories of the time before he was reforged by Sigmar.


“What is that writing,” asked his comrade. The Liberator turned the now unwrapped hilt so it could be clearly seen. “Ostland? Have you named your hammer, then?”




“What does it mean?”


“I know not, except that it was important to me once. Perhaps a memory from my past life.”


Maintenance complete, the two went in search of a meal. At the dining hall, the talk focused on rumors that Sigmar would soon release them to do battle with the Chaos hordes. The Stormcast were eager for battle after so long a wait, so many years of endless preparations.


And then it came. The order to assemble. The battle was about to begin. The Liberator stood in the front line of his unit, heroes all, and flexed his knees, readying for the charge.




As frontline infantry, the Liberator’s unit was first through the breech. He took off like a shot, charging straight into a line of Khorne warriors. The fighting was long and intense. As the Chaos God of War, Khorne’s forces were nothing to sneer at. And though he acquitted himself well, the Liberator eventually fell to a well-placed blow from a Warrior’s axe. He disappeared from the battlefield an instant later, reclaimed by Sigmar.


Hammer and shield lay seemingly forgotten on the desolate ground of the battlefield, but Sigmar would not abandon such precious items. They too were teleported back to the safety of Azyr, Sigmar’s home realm where Chaos holds no sway, to await the rebirth of their master.


For the war against Chaos is never won, some heroes can never rest, and every true hero needs a fine weapon.



OSTLAND (GW) AOS Stormcast Hammer, Life-Sized Prop

  • Life-Sized Prop

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