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The Akhelian Raiders will travel to their new home in a custom foam and KR bag.


The Akhelian are one of the two ruling castes of Idoneth Deepkin. This caste is comprised of true-souled warrior elite of the Enclaves and the generals that command them. All Akhelians are expected to serve within the military and at an early age they are sent to schools known as Asydrazors to train them in military tactics and statecraft. Once their training is complete it is up to the individual Akhelian, their skill, and luck to rise through the ranks of the military elite. Will they be warrior enough to control the Allopex or will they join forces to lay siege on a Leviadon?

  • Akhelian Allopex is a unit comprised of two Akhelian mounted on an Allopex that has been broken by an Isharann Embailor ~ one pilots the helmeted beast as the other mans the harpoon launcher strapped to it's back.
  • Akhelian Leviadon is a massive, shelled sea-beast that is often used by Idoneth as a devastating siege beast. These are typically crewed by two novice Akhelian who man the harpoon launchers, a Namarti Void Drummer, and an Akhelian Ma'harr, who leads the crew and pilots the beast.

"AKHELIAN RAIDERS" (GW) AoS - ​​​​​Idoneth Deepkin

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