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As she so richly deserves, the Baroness will arrive in her own custom foam KR Case. The winner of this incredible raffle will also receive a stretched canvas art portrait (16" x 20") created by Terrence Sheldon specifically to share her story:

“Scanning through the smoking detritus of unceasing battle, Baroness Aurelia finally caught sight of her quarry. It was a momentary glimpse of sable and white, but that’s all she needed.
She willed “Herald of the Emperor” to a run, shouldering her way through the remains of Imperial prefab and erupted through the other side onto the battlefield. Traitor Guardsmen spared no time bringing their guns to bear, and the smoke did little to obscure her massive frame moving at full stride. Wincing in pain from the feedback through the mind impulse control links, Baroness Aurelia pushed her steed through incoming fire from the traitor forces. Heavy bolter shots tore into her heavy tower shield and krak missiles exploded against her, gouging deeply into her thick armour.


The sacred heraldry of her forebears cracked and scorched against the constant onslaught. Her Vision began to swim as heavy fire from traitor battle tanks smashed into her armoured pauldrons. A flash of light and explosion of pain from her flank signaled her foe would not go without a fight as a Despoiler Knight from the dreaded House Makabius opened fire.
Straining against the pain, Baroness Aurelia pushed the reactors past their redlines and readied her Ion Shields against the incoming fire. The memory of slain comrades and atrocities committed against common citizenry driving her forward to deliver justice. 
Yet the onslaught continued, and combined fire from multiple sources converged in an unrelenting torrent of pain. Actuators snapped and broke, hydraulic fluid streamed from a dozen wounds, giant rents in her millennia old armour were torn open. The massive tower shield held in defiance against her foes nearly split in half under a second salvo from the twisted Chaos knight.
Nevertheless, she persisted. Determination steeling her mind against the searing pain of her foes' attacks. 
Nothing would stop her advance towards justice. Not this day, nor the next."




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