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Kerriss "Letsmakeitorkie" Brown is among the international artists who answered the Marc Büsing call to support this Ukrainian refugee relief raffle. She chose to donate this Commemorative Series Ork team, Gorzag Gitstompa and Ammo Grot Nikkit. Here is Kerriss's story about these two:


"Something I love to do in my hobby is repaint a mini that I previously painted. I never strip my miniatures and I always keep one guy from the army or squad to look back on. Last year, I painted Gorzag and Nikkit and instantly claimed it to be "my best work yet."  I showed everyone, whether they were miniature painters or not. I've painted so much in the last year, that I knew when this summer came around I had to paint them again!


"It doesn't matter to me if I improved by 1% or by 100%. I love challenges and pushing my limitations. For me, I don't believe there is an end to this hobby. I simply love the journey and doing this gives me physical bookmarks to look back on. I hope this mini reminds someone to love the adventure, try something new or reflect on previous years/months of joy!"


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