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‘Floating’ came to life during an inspirational contest from Massive Voodoo with the help of Josua Lai (contest judge and executive contest organisation), Momo Pugerl (sculptor), and Mr. Lee’s Minis (printing/production).


I personally fell in love with the little astronauts from the contest. They sparked an incredible creative flow in my brain. I cannot hold back my imagination or the joy and possibilities I see with these little astronauts – dioramas, single bases, connected with figures of every scale, or even a gang of astronauts.


I so much loved the aesthetics of the figure that I was compelled to do this illustration. While I worked on my upcoming book release, I often sat in front of my computer monitor thinking and waiting for correspondence. To fill the time between, floating from one burst of work-related productivity to another, I enjoyed making a million dots and ‘Floating’ among the stars.


Many people asked me if the original is for sale, so I decided to do a limited edition run of 50 fine art prints. This print, 33/50, was set aside specifically for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation to help raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.




Floating (Roman Lappat) Limited Edition Print

  • Watercolor & ink pen fine art print on high quality Hahnemule 300gr paper.

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