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Among the swiftly advancing armies of the Night Lords, the Master of Executions stalks forward with a singular purpose – the death of his chosen target. Using warp-enhanced senses and his brutal Axe of Dismemberment, he makes quick work of them and adds their head to his ghastly collection.

Greg Smalling shares his inspiration:


"My vision of the Night Lords is of dark, gothic, vampiric creatures who strike mercilessly from the shadows. Using the GW Master of Executions model as a base, I tried to tone down the brutality a little and make him a bit more elegant. I swapped the head and backpack, repositioned the axe, and added some Grave Guard bits and candles from GreyTide Studio to finish. This model would make a great Master of Executions for 40k or Legion Praetor for Horus Heresy."

Night Lords Master of Execution (WH40K Chaos Marines)

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