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This is one of the four armies which are part of the MINIAC ARMY RAFFLE. Scott "Miniac" Walter partnered with NOCF to organize and run the project, a long-term charitable goal of his YouTube followers. Mournival joined the project to spearhead the creation of all four WH40K 9th edition lists which were then parceled out to Miniacs around the world who painted them up - donating over $7,000 in product costs and shipping expenses to make this happen! Several members of the NOCF Artist Consortium also stepped in to finish the lists.


CHAPTER 4: "Retribution for Lost NOVA"

Narrative by Chris Stover
Four chapters, written for the Miniac Project, converge.

Check them all out.

Librarian Doran paced the bridge, of the Imperial Strike Cruiser, Nova Occator, or just Nova as the crew and Astartes of the Ultramarines chapter both affectionately referred to it. He preferred his quarters or the training decks to the bridge; however, as they neared Agrippa, he could sense an unease enveloping the navigators. His presence seemed to help them, although several younger navigators had fallen ill, or more precisely, collapsed in crippling fear and anxiety, in just the last few moments. Each of them falling to their knees one by one screaming similar variations of . . . (Follow the Story Here)

RETRIBUTION for LOST NOVA (GW) WH40K Primaris Ultramarines

  • Kyle Chasteen of North Plains, Oregon, USA

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