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Slann Starmasters are amongst the greatest wizards in all the realms, ancient beings created to serve the unfathomable Old Ones. It is their cold and distant intellect that guides the Seraphon to carry out the Great Plan, deciphered from glimpses of a grand cosmic equation. A Starmaster may reshape reality itself with a languid gesture, wielding the energies of the stars to annihilate the enemies of true order.


Skink Starseers sit at the apex of the skink priesthood, festooned with astromantic tools that aid them in deciphering the portents of the heavens. Starseers are the most puissant Seraphon wizards after the Slann Starmasters themselves, with celestial blessings that allow them to gaze into the future and influence the skein of fate to suit their masters’ unknowable ends.


Painted by Jason Gibeault at Splintered Brush Studios, this set of 3 models will make the perfect addition to your Seraphon army. Painted in superbly rendered NMM, this raffle will help your forces advance the great plan of the Old Ones returning true balance and order to the realms tainted by the Ruinous Powers.


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