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Shas’O Au’Rora is considered less a Spheretaker by her peers and more of a force of nature. Utilizing the prototype Grimnir Command Suit, Au’Rora stalks the frozen worlds which a cell of Night Lords call their home, battling constantly with a pack of Space Wolves. She is well aware of the Chaos Powers and utilizes a custom talisman to hunt the daemons of her frozen world. In doing this, she has earned a kind of respect from the Space Wolves ~ who may even admire her fighting prowess and capacity for brutal violence. They talk in their halls of the Specter of the Frigid Wastes, and hope to one day be the ones who send her to Valhalla.


The artist, TK Shideler wrote, "Shas'O Au'Rora was a collaboration project between myself and RedHeavyMinis. He built her mini and I painted and constructed her base. She was an absolute labor of love and her base was one of the most fun to build. She is being entered into the Fall Raffle this year in tow of a similarly themed and painted Farsight Eight, which will hopefully be available in the next raffle.


Au’Rora was built by RedHeavy with a very Norse-oriented theme and I tried to portray that through the use of blue-greys and other cold colors. Her runes are ancient Viking symbols of power, including the two Helms of Awe on her gauntlet (for battle prowess and power) and the vegsvisir on her power pack (to help guide her in life). I had an absolute blast painting her; good luck finding my Voodoo Smiley Face though!



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