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The Death Guard are known for their brutal grinding assaults, wearing their foes down with wave after wave of indomitable Plague Marines and lurching poxwalkers – but they’re no strangers to skirmish warfare either. Death Guard kill teams poison worlds from within, acting as initial vectors of contagion that can engulf entire planets in raging plagues.



Shepherds of Contagion (GW) WH40K Kill Team Death Guard

  • 2x Plague Marine w/ Boltgun, Plague Knife
    2x Plague Marine w/ Flail of Corruption
    2x Plague Marine w/ Blight Launcher, Plague Knife
    2x Plague Marine w/ Great Plague Cleaver
    1x Plague Champion w/ Plaguesword, Plasma Gun
    1x Plague Champion w/ Power Fist, Plasma Pistol
    4x Poxwalker
    1x Deathshroud Terminator w/ Manreaper, Plaguespurt Gauntlet
    1x Deathshroud Terminator Champion w/ Dual Plaguespurt Gauntlets, Manreaper
    1x Plague Surgeon
    1x Tallyman
    1x Biologus Putrifier
    1x Foul Blightspawn

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