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This set of miniatures has been painted by another newcomer to the Consortium this year, Geoffrey Wing.  These models are playable for the Freeblades skirmish game from DGS Games, who also kindly donated the set of miniatures for Geoffrey to paint.  Many of these miniatures have been extensively converted to represent the Sorceress's influence on her minions.  You will not see a more unique faction of models in the Freeblades games!  
Here is the backstory Geoffrey created as he converted these miniatures:
It has been three years since the Kaliphite of Koronna had tasked Ariaysa to venture into the northern slopes of the Dorsang Danar in search of an ancient power that lay there. It has been two years since any has heard any news of the Moons Priestess' Freeband. Ariaysa's last report had her venturing into a mysterious forest that even the sinister Urdaggar Tribes of Ruin dare not enter: The Vinaatrath. The Vinaatrath is shrouded in mystery and rumors of an ancient evil. Those same rumors brought Ariaysa and her Freeband into that forest two years ago. They should have heeded the warnings; they should have turned back. For those who enter the Vinaatrath never come back out... at least not in a recognizable form . . . 


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