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This unit of Soul Haunters is a custom chapter painted by Frerk Dorband who wrote this description:


The Soul Haunters successor chapter is unknown, even to themselves. Only Belisarius Cawl knows of the Soul Haunters' successor chapter. The World Bearers are rumored to be the source of the chapter gene-seed. Many believe they are teetering on the brink of extinction. In addition to their superstitious beliefs, predatory trophy hunts, and ferocious aggression, the so called "Haunters" are a terrifying sight for any enemy unlucky enough to come up against them.


The Soul Haunters are led by their most venerated Chaplains, called "The Council of Elders". Rumours say there could be one who leads them all... but nobody has actually ever seen this great warrior or proved his existence.  Some say the Haunters have magical powers; by some accounts of their battles tell stories of the Haunters appearing in the battle out of nowhere... and also disappearing as quickly as they arrived. Some believe them to be the ghosts of the lost and dead!


In battle, the Haunters never remove their helmets. This is due to the ceremonial battle blessing given by the company chaplain before each battle to each marine, squad, or vehicle.  Their armor is made of Ceramite, but the Soul Haunters believe it has more spiritual protective powers than that.  Their view is that removing the helmet would diminish their protection since they would be breaking the armored seal.


Apart from their chapter badge, Soul Haunters only wear war paint as symbols or markings. This war paint pays homage to their fallen brothers. This way the Haunters take their lost brothers’ souls once more into battle.  Some squads wear trophies belonging to the lost brothers, some use war paint and some take both.  Each Soul Haunter marine marks his armour and/or helmet in red war paint however they see it fit. Sometimes the patterns are even passed down from one brother to another. Some create their own pattern of the warpaint. Furthermore, none of the Haunters are seen wearing any badges. This way during battle it is more difficult for the enemies to determine who the leader is. 


A famous rumour involving their chapter is that the red hand is a symbolic representation of the hand Lorgar Aurelin is said to have offered the Emperor as he knelt in front of him after the destruction of the City of Monarchia in the old days.


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