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When part of a larger battleforce the bikes' speed and power gives the Space Marine Commander a fast, hard-hitting punch to his attack.


This conversion will be painted and raffled live at the 9/12/20 NOCF Virtual Foundation Lounge. How does something like this come together? We asked Goatboy:


"The conversion is just about me finding parts: outrider bike, face from old AoS chaos marauders, top knot from another head I can’t even remember, sword probably from an old marine kit (rattling around in some bits box), heads and skulls from the skull kit, and then the cap is some random chaos AoS thing. That's about it . . . Oh, and a bag of skulls from the big beastman monster kit. So, basically, lots of random bits! To be real, the main bike/body is an outrider cut apart."





Batu-Khan, Bike Captain (GW) WH40K Space Marines


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