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The Alphabet Squadron was assembled by General Hera Syndulla during the aftermath of the fall of Emperor Palpatine and the end of the galactic civil war, with the purpose of hunting down a mysterious fleet of TIE Fighters, called the Shadow Wing. Alphabet Squadron consisted of five pilots, each flying a different starfighter; Chass na Chadic, Wyl Lark, Kairos, Nath Tensent, and Yrica Quell using a B-wing, A-wing, U-wing, Y-wing and an X-wing respectively. The newly formed unit embodies the heart and soul of the Rebellion: ragtag, resourceful, scrappy, and emboldened by their most audacious victory in decades.



The Alphabet Squadron (FFG) X-wing

  • 1x A-Wing
    1x T-65 X-Wing
    1x B-Wing
    1x Y-Wing
    1x U-Wing

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