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Two powerhouse artists collaborated on this amazing miniature: Marc Büsing, who is best known for his Alpha Legion and the #OmegonsWrath project ~ and Volker Herten, who is equally notable for his custom Space Marine Chapter, the Nergüi Ghosts. 


"The Serpent's Ghost" is a Primaris Agressor Marine from Volker's Nergüi Ghosts charging towards the enemy as the surface tension of the cloaking device fails and reveals his true nature: an Alpha Legion Greater Possessed! 


How did this unique, one-of-a-kind collaborative project happen?
Marc approached Volker with the great idea to make his chapter part of the #OmegonsWrath project. Brilliant! Marc then kitbashed the miniature and sent it to Volker who painted the base and the Primaris half of this conversion to match his army. Once finished, the piece was sent back to Marc, who then completed the Alpha Legion half and painted the lightning transition effect.

"THE SERPENT'S GHOST" (GW) WH40K CHAOS - Collaboration/Conversion

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