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The Warrior Chamber of NOVA will travel to its new home in a custom foam and KR bag.


The great artists of the NOCF Consortium stepped up to bring another NOVA-Centric army to bear on the tabletop battles of this raffle's winner - amazing! And it will travel to its new home in a custom foam KR case!



The NOVA Warrior Chamber Stormcast are the bringers of order and civilization to an otherwise bestial land.  Their Stormkeep is situated in the Free City of Lentlock in the Realm of Ghur.  While this city has access to the sea, it hosts no Realm Gates; and as such, the Stormcast and the citizens of Lentlock have taken it upon themselves to ensure their safety and see their home thrive.


The NOVA Warrior Chamber was sent to Ghur shortly after The Realmgate Wars to establish a stronghold which they did with zeal as the barbarian people began to flock to this new center of power in their realm.  The Stormcast brought Sigmar’s holy word and infinite wisdom to the people and while their sense of duty and law rubbed off onto the people, so too did the touch of the noble barbaric tradition of its people influence them.


The Stormcast participate in every aspect of the city be it in guard duty, creation of laws, and even hunting and agricultural work, but when wandering Orruks or Mega-Gargants get too near the true purpose of the NOVA Warrior Chamber shine through as they charge into battle and crush all who would see the city topple.  Lentlock has never fallen and, as long as The NOVA Warrior Chamber resides within its walls, it likely never will.

"THE WARRIOR CHAMBER OF NOVA" (GW) AoS - Stormcast Eternals

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