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This was my Inktober project for 2019. It was inspired by the work of Epic Duck on Twitch, Jessica Bathory and Marc Chee, who all do this style better than me. It is an easy loose style that anyone can learn and can be a nice break from high detail work or can be used for quick paint jobs on low detail sculpts!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures: Change Is Constant is a scenario-driven miniatures role-playing game created in IDW`s Adventures Universal Game System. Play as one of the four ninja turtles or Casey Jones, or take on the role of Baxter and command his robot fleet. This all-new entry into the Adventures Universe Game System features a brand-new campaign and two different modes of play: 1 vs. many and fully co-operative! Each Adventures game is both stand-alone and compatible with other games in the system!



TMNT Shadows of the Past (IDW GAMES) Core Game Box

  • 45x Plastic Figures
    15x Action Dice
    8x Battle Dice
    128x Cards
    4x Hero Sheets
    9x Villain Sheets
    132x Status Tokens
    46x Prop Tokens
    6x Double-Sided Map Sheets
    1x Rulebook
    1x Victory Bookmark
    2x Adventure Comics featuring 16 Battle Scenarios

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