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Kyrylo Yermakov (@klik0k0) is among the international artists who reached out to NOCF in support of this Ukrainian refugee relief raffle. He was born in Ukraine and, although he now lives in Canada, he has family that still live in Kyiv.  The Ukrainian refugee crisis is very personal to him.


Kyrylo chose to donate several pieces to the raffle, including this "Ultramarine Dreadnought." Painted in classic Ultramarine colors, Kyrylo has included some subtle yellow OSL acknowledging his own cultural heritage as a Ukrainian. Kyrylo had this to say about the dreadnought:


“I just always wanted to paint a dreadnought and finally I had a meaningful opportunity to do so. I had one extra Dreadnought in my deathwatch set and I just painted him in Ultramarine scheme. I don't play warhammer, so I wasn't sure what loadout I should build for him, so I just magnetised all of the options :D.”


The Lore:

Standing three times the height of a man, these towering war machines bare powerful weapons and are as lethal at range as in close assault. A chapter's Dreadnoughts are treasured relics, only awoken in great need. Encased inside every Dreadnought, lies a mighty Space Marine hero, who has suffered grievous wounds in battle, saved only by his interment.


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