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Varvuul is the Barbarian Warlord, a warrior of Chaos. From the artist, "This mighty Barbarian Warlord was originally a Citadel miniature from the Warcry Untamed Beasts set, it was converted using parts from other Citadel kits. This miniature is perfect for representing a barbarian hero in your fantasy skirmish games, as well as pen & paper roleplay."


The Warriors of Chaos, also known as the Hordes of Chaos and the "Northmen", are savage, warlike tribes of human barbarians that occupy the harsh and unforgiving lands of the uppermost North, known in the lands of the Old World as the dreaded Northern Wastes.


To all those that faced them, the northern barbarians are considered by all to be the enemies of all the world, whose unwavering worship to an uncaring and sadistic pantheon of ancient and evil Gods has given them a single driving motive to usher in the inevitable downfall of all mortal-kind into their hellish enslavement.


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