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Ignis Caeli, of Legio Praesagius was built on Mars specifically to muster for the Great Crusade; it marched for centuries, defeating bastion and beast alike in service alongside the Ultramarines. Ignis became well known as an engine that fought from the fore, frequently marching ahead of it brethren and engaging the enemy far closer than it's weaponry required. It had earned many honors that saw it assigned as part of the muster at Calth, and was one of the few Praesagius engines to survive the initial betrayal and fight on through the Battle of Ithraca.


The Warbringer Nemesis Titan serves the Collegia Titanica in the role of heavy fire support. It mounts a single Warlord-scale weapon on its upper carapace and Reaver-scale weapons on its arms – sacrificing the speed, armour and manoeuvrability of a conventional Battle Titan in favour of firepower far in excess of its size. Though rare and specialised, the Warbringer Nemesis is a sight to inspire dread in all but the most battle-hardened enemy princeps.

Standing between the Reaver and Warlord in size, the Warbringer Nemesis Titan is the perfect choice for the Princeps who wants heavy firepower and flexibility. The carapace-mounted quake cannon can damage enemy Titans and slow them down, allowing your other god-machines to close for the kill, while the Warbringer's arm-mounted weapons can pick off any Knights that get too close, or it can add to the devastation caused by its primary weapon.


Ignis Caeli (GW) WH40K/30K Adeptus Titanicus

  • 1x Forge World Warbringer Nemesis Titan

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