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Castle Brush Studio's "Court of the Shadow Queen"

The NOCF received a note from Castle Brush Studios in Poland this morning. Here's what their team has to say about the Court of the Shadow Queen project:

The NOCF Summer Raffles have started, and we are thrilled to see our Khainites ready to grab your attention & money for the greater cause! It is truly amazing that we could be a part of this awesome conglomerate of painters and hobby enthusiasts that is the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, and we are hoping that this year everyone’s hard work will break last year’s record.

This was a refreshing and unusual project. Castle Brush usually paints armies and miniatures -mostly from WH40K. As we’re sure most of you know, the ‘bolter & power armor’ routine can be quite tedious. There were some parts of the Daughters army that required extra care, like scales or makeup on some of the ladies (and if you’ve tried to paint convincing makeup on a 28mm miniature, you know what I’m talking about). The whole team agreed that this was “a walk in the park.” Robert & Marta love to paint large skin surfaces and there were interesting textures and effects to achieve, like the Cauldron of Blood for example. This was also an opportunity for Natalia to play with her freehand skills on these fragile ladies!

We had to be very careful. Plastic surgery was needed in some instances, but their final trip to the NOCF headquarters was the most challenging. We spent a whole day packing the army and estimate that at least 1/3 of the package’s weight was purely bubble wrap. Each spike, spear, tip of the knife, bow’s end or tendril had to be reinforced with bubble wrap cushioning them from both sides in order to ease the tension that might occur during transport from Poland to Virginia in the United States. Khaine must have watched over his daughters because they arrived intact, not a single part broken! This lifted quite a stone from our hearts.

Overall, each hour spent on this project was well worth it. To think that these deadly & beautiful elves will fight for the noble cause that is Breast Cancer Research Foundation is enough for any of us here at Castle Brush to give them away. We strongly believe that all the beautiful pieces in the NOCF Summer Raffle, from so many amazing artists the world over, will do a lot of good during these hard times. This proves that we are all (painters, gamers, hobbyists, and do-gooders alike) one big “Compassionate Force.” Stay safe, -Simon and the Team from Castle Brush

If you're interested in winning this FANTASTIC Army, head on over to the "Court of the Shadow Queen" page and purchase your tickets.

The NOCF also received the nicest note yesterday from a new supporter, Alek, who bought quite a few tickets for Court of the Shadow Queen - thought we'd share: 

"I actually have a commission with Castle Brush Studio. They posted a link about the NOCF raffle on Instagram, so figured I'd support them and the Foundation by purchasing some tickets. It would be cool to win, but I'm not expecting it - honestly, it's just about the support. Have a wonderful day."

We are grateful to all of our new and old supporters alike. The Summer Raffle is on track to meet our 2020 goal!

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