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Court of the Shadow Queen (GW) WH40K Daughters of Khaine

The 2020 NOCF Raffle goes live July 15th!

The Daughters of Khaine move with quicksilver speed, carving into enemies like a whirlwind of steel. As blades flash, the she-aelves shed their visage of cold and distant beauty, their ecstatic faces alight with each fresh kill. To them the clash of arms is the height of their religion, holy rites practised and perfected with all the considerable skill of aelf-kind. In their frenzy, Khaine’s worshippers are closest to their divinity, invigorated by his iron-hearted spirit and insatiable bloodlust. True to their merciless god, the Daughters of Khaine continue the slaughter until every last foe has fallen.

By Castle Brush Studio

This is one of the first studio projects we took on in 2018. The idea was to pick a nice looking and quite rare faction from AoS to show that we had the skills and experience to handle more "sword & sorcery" type of miniatures. Daughters of Khaine were quite fresh and hot back then. These ladies were displayed on a few occasions: the first time was at Essen Spiel '18 (only Morathi, courtesy of ZenTerrain who owned the booth); also, during the London Grand Tournament 2019 and again at Essen Spiel '19 with ZenTerrain. They served their purpose to say the least!

As with almost all our projects, the whole team was involved with it at some point of time. Troops and elites (Witch Aelves, Blood Sisters and Blood Stalkers) were painted on our 2nd quality level "Champion." Lesser heroes (Cauldron and both Morathi's forms) were painted on our 3rd quality level "Overlord." Levels are described more fully on our website.

Morathi received some extra love in form of a freehanded embroidery on the back of her dress - because it is always good to have something nice on the backs of your miniatures. If you use them for playing, the back is the side YOU see the most often!

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