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Crossing the Primaris Rubicon (GW) WH40K Blood Angels

The 2020 NOCF Raffle is LIVE!

This army is out for blood. Lord Dante is no longer in the mood. Reeling from a Tyranid invasion they could not afford and reinforced by forces some would whisper they did not want; the Blood Angels persevere. This army represents the first days after the introduction of the new Primaris marines to the Blood Angels. It is comprised of two detachments. First, Lord Dante leading a detachment of battle-worn survivors. Cobbled together remnants of units and squads make up the backbone of the force and of course the Death Company and Dante's personal guard. It is meant to be hard hitting and vicious. Depleted, the Blood Angels rely heavily on scouts to fill the ranks. The theme of this grizzled detachment is take and hold. Forever forward. Forever haunted.   The second detachment is led by Chief Librarian Mephiston. The first of the Blood Angels leadership to cross the Primaris Rubicon and embrace the new strength that comes with it. Skeptical of the new reinforcements, Dante's faith in his friend, (can a Blood Angel truly have friends?) is unquestioned and he believes that if anyone can lead the way into the new Primaris frontier, Mephiston is he. Champion of the Red Thirst and no stranger to rebirth, Mephiston has taken charge of a detachment of Primaris forces. These reinforcements, gleaming armor untested, march with the pride of Sanguinius and the future of Humanity on their shoulders...   "But the warp has its own way with such things."   Envisioned by long time Blood Angels veteran Chris Dubuque (AKA Jawaballs), this army brings the best of the old and the new. Mobile and hard hitting, yet robust and able to hold the line, this army is meant to be fairly competitive, yet fluffy. This is a Jawaballs' hallmark of old. While it's understood that the meta of 40k is always changing, this army is a take all comers force that should allow its owner to not only sport one of the finest looking Blood Angels armies on the planet, but actually win a few games!


Chris "Jawaballs" Dubuque


Brent Amberger (10x Tactical and 20x Primaris Intercessors) Bryan Bledsoe (10x Sniper Scouts) Mike Cho (Dante - Librarian in Phobos Armor - 5x Sanguinary Guard) Chris Dubuque (Mephiston - 10x Primaris Infiltrators - 3x Primaris Eliminators) Brian Moll (Rhino - Repulsor) Lyn Stahl (10x Death Company) AJ Thornton (Lemartes)

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