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Have You SEEN This Army!?


Dave Taylor has been on a mission this year for the perfect donation to support these raffles.  He wrote, "I had to dig pretty deep in my basement to find it, but I finally found what I was looking for. It's a big Ultramarine army - right around 200 models. They are all the "original" size of Space Marines - none of them are the newer Primaris Space Marines - and still on 25mm bases."   Imagine winning a Dave Taylor Ultramarine army from his private collection ~ a classic supersized army representing some of his earliest work!    Dave intends to make one upgrade to the army: he will be rebasing them to playable 32mm bases. Anyone who knows this incredible artist understands his commitment to the hobby and the gaming community. He will be providing updates and photos as this process gets underway; they will be posted here.

This army has no less than 216 pieces! This is your LAST CHANCE to WIN. Don't miss out.

Thank you to all who participated, whether you painted miniatures, donated submissions, or purchased multiple raffle tickets. Everyone is helping make a difference. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful community.

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