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NOCF Virtual Foundation Lounge - Live Streaming Event

The NOVA Open will be hosting the "NOCF Virtual Foundation Lounge" on its new Twitch channel. NOVA Open may have been cancelled, but the needs of the charities NOCF supports are still very real - and this is how NOVA Open plans to help its sister organization reach its 2020 fundraising goals!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS & PLAN TO BE A PART OF THIS VIRTUAL FUNDRAISER: Saturday, September 12, 2020, beginning at 10:45am


This is the Last Newsletter Before the Virtual Foundation Lounge Goes Live

The generosity of this community never fails to amaze us. Upon learning that NOCF's fundraising ability was cut in half by the cancellation of NOVA Open, some of the biggest names in the community have stepped up to help out. The Foundation Lounge has been the heartbeat of the convention since 2013 - it is hard to imagine one without the other - and gamers drinking for charity has been one heckuva fundraiser! The Virtual Foundation Lounge (VFL) will bring the flavor and fun back to the community as it provides a way for the Great 2020 Summer Raffles to make fundraising history.

Leading off the list of considerable talents that will be helping NOCF is Paul Murphy and his co-host, Adam Camileri (Forge the Narrative, and so many others!) Not only have they agreed to host, but they have adopted responsibility for creating and guiding the VFL. To make that happen, two top-notch experts (Tyler Agee + Josh Diffey from Best Coast Pairings) have volunteered their mad skills as the Tech Gurus who will conduct the automagical behind-the-scenes creativity.

More talent? You bet! Reece Robbins of "Frontline Gaming Network" has agreed to join in - as have John DeMaris and Steve Joll of "40k Today." Then there's Tanya Gates, the "Warmistress" herself. Of course, the VFL requires a bar staff, so expect appearances by Jessica, Megan, Andrea and Stacy ~ they may even serve up a few of your favorite drinks and share a story or two.

There is so much more being planned! We cannot wait to firm up the arrangements and get a schedule out to you. Famous and favorite artists? Great vendors and sponsors? A few special guests and surprises? Check, Check, Check!


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