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We Have a Winner!

We have some bittersweet news to announce. The bitter news is that the winner of Roman Lappat's "Two Sisters Repentia," who has been the focus of an NOCF hunt since the summer raffles ended last month, has not been found.

In accordance with the Raffle Rules (posted on our website): "If the winner does not respond to NOCF efforts to engage - via website announcements, PayPal email address, All Points Bulletins on social media, and/or all other means at their disposal - a second drawing will occur four (4) weeks after the original, and the new winner will be contacted. This process will continue until a winner acknowledges the NOCF announcement."

The sweet news is that a second drawing has occurred, and we are pleased to announce that Michael Shimsky of Henderson, Nevada, is the new winner!

Congratulations, Michael!

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