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The Last 5 days of the Dueling Titans Special Event.

The Special Event Winner's Choice raffle is going on now and will be over at this time next week. The event ends in five days on the 23rd in a live show with Squidmar on his youtube channel. There we will announce the winner of this amazing event. So tickets are going to end soon.

The winner will choose between the incredible and insane "Dueling Titans" warlord diorama, or $20,000 USD.

  • If you're into playing the odds, this is the raffle for you!

  • Tickets on sale for two (2) weeks only:

  • Sept. 9 - 23

  • One ticket $10; Two or more tickets $9 each

Get your Tickets HERE


Among the many things that make this Squidmar project EPIC is the decision to find expert freehand artists to help Emil and Lukas with the Titans' panels. See their contributions in this video.

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